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Bonuses are a great way to get ahead when playing at sportsbooks in Indiana. They can come in a wide variety of different types and values too. But, sometimes, checking what they offer and what those wagering requirements might be can be time-consuming. And this is where promo codes come in handy.

With promo codes, you can quickly and easily claim the specific bonus you want. They make sure that you don’t end up with the wrong bonus. Read on to find out all you need to know about betting promo codes in Indiana.

How do betting promo codes in Indiana work?

A betting promo code is simply a set of numbers, letters, or whole words that can be used to get access to a special bonus at online sportsbooks. Each code is unique to that sportsbook and the specific offer. Usually, these are also one-time use codes, so you can’t try to claim the bonus a second time.

More often than not, the promo code is linked to offers for newly registered users, helping them to get access to a sign-up bonus or something similar. However, promo codes can be linked to odds boosts, free bets, and many more. And many of these types of deals and promo codes are not exclusive to newcomers. Some betting promo codes in Indiana are also there for repeat or existing customers in the form of loyalty offers. Promo codes like this will be sent to you via email so that you can claim the deal.

You can find promo codes on the sportsbook’s website next to the bonus. This way, you know exactly what you’re getting. Sometimes, you can find additional offers on our site, so make sure you check in with us.

What is the best way to get a betting promo code in Indiana?

Getting your betting promo codes is very easy. We’ve outlined the main steps below to help you immediately grab those important codes.

  1. Choose a sportsbook to join. We have a top list of all the best sportsbooks in IN. Each of these sites has been carefully selected based on the features that they offer. The site will have strong bonuses with codes attached and a great selection of sports to bet on.
  2. Make an account with the betting site. When you have chosen your sportsbook, you need to sign up with an account. To do this, just click the sign-up button and fill in all the required details. This will include your name, address, DOB, SSN, and email. Activate your account and get ready to play.
  3. Check the bonus and get the promo code. Often, during the sign-up process, you will be requested to input the promo code you want to use. To find it, just go to the bonus section of the IN betting app and find the bonus and its code. Copy and paste the code into the required box so that you don’t make a mistake. With the code in place, you can accept the terms and conditions of the bonus. Then it will be added to your account.
  4. Start playing. Choose from a range of different bets, and get ready for some fun with your bonus.

Common bonuses you can get at IN sportsbooks with a promo code

Betting promo codes in Indiana are often linked to a number of different types of bonuses. To help you out on which one to choose, take a look at the different options below:

  • Sign-up bonus IN: The most common bonus option is given to players newly signing up to a sportsbook. You can’t have an account on the site already, as the bonus will not then be awarded to you. The sign-up bonus can be a mix of the bonuses outlined below.
  • Matched deposit bonus IN: Popular with sportsbooks, this bonus can actually significantly boost your bankroll when you take it on. The match deposit bonus means you have to make a deposit first, but then the betting site will give you money to match. Usually, this is 100%, so you get double the amount to play with. In some cases, this percentage can be more or less.
  • Risk-free bets IN: To get this offer, you need to place a bet on a sporting event. If you lose, then the sportsbook will refund you the amount you placed as a wager. This is given in credit or free bets. Essentially, you get a second chance to play. However, if you win, then the sportsbook doesn’t give you anything. You can simply claim your winnings.
  • No deposit bonus IN: Increasingly uncommon, the no deposit bonus is a popular option for players. For this bonus, the sportsbook will give you a small amount of cash or betting site credit, which you can use to place various bets. It’s usually a small amount, but it’s completely risk-free as you never have to put any of your own money in to claim it. Better yet, if you do win, you can claim your real money prize.

Advantages and disadvantages of betting promo codes in Indiana

As you might expect, there are a number of pros and cons to taking on betting promo codes on Indiana gambling websites. We’ve outlined some of the main points so that you know what to expect when using these codes.


  • Choose the exact bonus: Many casinos have multiple bonus offers and promotions. Taking a promo code means you can select exactly which one you want. And the sportsbook won’t give you the wrong bonus by mistake. This can happen when a sportsbook has multiple different offers.
  • Chance to try an exclusive bonus: This is probably the biggest plus point for promo codes. Using the code, you can get a bonus that you might not otherwise find available. For many sites, promo code bonuses are not the general ones advertised on the site, so you are getting something a little extra.
  • Get exactly what you expect: Another big benefit is knowing what you’ll get when you use the code. If you don’t like surprises, then using a promo code is the way for you. All the terms and conditions are clearly outlined with a good promo code bonus.


  • You can forget to apply it: A big problem with this type of code is that you can’t actually get the bonus if you don’t use the code. If you forget to input the code when you need to, that’s it, the bonus is gone. Surprisingly, many players forget to put the code in when it’s needed. So, make sure you’re not one of them. And we recommend copying the code so that you don’t make a mistake and lose out on the bonus that way.
  • High wagering requirements: As with all bonuses, promo code bonuses do have wagering requirements. Unfortunately, many bonus code offers actually come with even higher wagering requirements than usual. This will depend on the sports betting site you’re at, as some will still offer the same types of requirements as bonuses that don’t require a code to claim.
  • Complicated to know when to use: Additionally, promo codes can be a little confusing. Adding to the issue that you might forget to add the code is the fact that often it’s unclear when you need to be using it. Some sites need you to add the promo code when you make your deposit. Other sites need you to do it earlier when you’re actually registering and creating your account. Make sure you don’t miss the point when you need to fill in the code, or you’re not going to get that bonus.
  • Multiple codes: Some sites even have more than one bonus code for the same or similar offers. For example, sportsbooks will often have a different code for each part of the deposit if there are multiple deposits as part of a welcome offer. This means that you’ll need a different code to claim each part of the offer. You can miss out on the entire offer by failing to enter the right code.


Can I get a bonus with a betting promo code at all IN sportsbooks?

No, not all Indiana sportsbooks use betting promo codes. This doesn't mean that you won't be able to claim a bonus, though. It's just that some sites don't need you to use one in order to claim. You must make sure that you check if a code is necessary because failing to use it means the bonus won't get added to your account.

Are betting promo codes only for new players at Indiana betting sites?

No, betting promo codes in Indiana are for all types of players. These bonus codes can be linked to any type of bonus. This means existing or returning players can use bonus codes to claim their eligible bonuses.

Can I withdraw the bonus from my betting promo code in Indiana?

No, you can only withdraw winnings from a bonus earned from a promo code in Indiana, not the bonus itself. You will also have to meet specific wagering requirements to be able to take the bonus winnings too.