Indiana’s online sports betting industry is booming. There are now a large number of online sportsbooks for you to join. But how do you choose which one to play at? Well, there are a number of different factors you can consider, but an important one is the payment method you would like to use. Each sportsbook has different options when it comes to payments, so it’s worth picking one that has the option you like.

Venmo is a great option, preferred by many people within the States. It’s speedy, easy to use, and offers instant deposits. So, let’s take a look at the top Venmo betting sites in Indiana and see what they offer.

What is Venmo?

Venmo started out as a peer-to-peer social payment method designed to make quick transactions between friends and family members. However, this PayPal-owned option has swiftly changed to move with the times and is now available for more general payments online too.

This payment method has been around since 2009 and works pretty much as an app. Originally it was a payment system through text, but it has changed since then. Initially, sportsbooks were slow to move with the changes, but gradually more and more sites are beginning to accept this easy-to-use payment method.

How to deposit with Venmo at an IN betting site

If you feel Venmo is the option for you, then it’s time to get started so you can make your first deposit. Doing so is very easy, but we’re making it even easier by giving you this simple guide to follow:

  1. Choose a Venmo betting site in Indiana from our list. We list all the top Venmo betting sites in Indiana right here. Not only do we check to ensure these sites offer Venmo, but we also look to see what features, sports, support, security, and so on these sites offer. We only recommend that you play at Venmo betting sites that are fully licensed and registered within IN.
  2. Make a deposit by creating an account and visiting the deposit section. The next step is to make an account with the sportsbook. You will need to click on the register button and then you’ll be taken to the form you need to fill out. Include all the required details including your name, address, email, SSN, DOB, and so on. Once you’ve confirmed your account it will go active so that you can start making a deposit.
  3. Use Venmo to make a deposit. Go to the site’s banking section and click on Venmo in the list of banking options. You will need to have the Venmo app in place and your Venmo account details. It also helps if you have already added the sportsbook to your contact list so that you can pay the site directly.
  4. Enter your Venmo details according to the instructions. From the sportsbook’s end, you will need to enter your Venmo account details so that you can link the two together. You can use the instant-pay Venmo option to make sure this goes through quickly. Select the amount you wish to pay and confirm.
  5. You can place your bets online. Once the money has arrived in your account, you’re ready to select some bets and have some fun online.

Using Venmo to withdraw from an Indiana betting site

Venmo sports betting apps in Indiana also give you the option to make withdrawals using this payment method. This is highly convenient, and you can follow the steps below to get started:

  1. To withdraw money from Indiana betting sites, visit the withdrawal page. Log in to your sportsbook account and go to the site’s banking section. In the withdrawal section, click on Venmo to make a withdrawal.
  2. Use Venmo to withdraw funds. When prompted, log in to your Venmo account via the sportsbook. You will need to use your username and password to get in. There may also be additional security checks from Venmo before you can proceed.
  3. Withdraw the desired amount. Select the amount you’d like to withdraw. You need to ensure that this withdrawal amount has met any wagering requirements that might be in place. If you do not meet these requirements, you won’t be able to make the withdrawal.
  4. Your Venmo account details will need to be entered. Provide security details for your Venmo account to authorize the payment.
  5. Click ‘Confirm’. Once confirmed, the time it takes for the withdrawal to get to you will vary. This is because Venmo has strict security procedures in place. They can be instant, but they can also take up to three days to process. Additionally, be aware that some of your withdrawals might be held for checking by Venmo, particularly if they think you have received a strangely large sum of money. Essentially, anything out of the ordinary on your account will get flagged.

Pros and cons with Venmo on IN betting sites

As you might expect, there are a number of pros and cons when it comes to Venmo gambling operators in Indiana. So that you are aware of everything before you jump in and start using this payment method, we’ve listed some of the top pros and cons relating to Venmo:


  • Reliable payment method: With high security in place, this is a super secure payment option. It’s speedy when it comes to depositing so that you know your payment will arrive when and where you expect it to.
  • Safe to use: Venmo has good security in place and is very easy to use. The app is simple; you can even get a MasterCard linked to your account.
  • Accepted at most Indiana sportsbooks: Though slow to arrive on the scene, Venmo is now available at a wide array of sportsbooks in IN, which means it’s also very accessible.
  • No to low fees: Venmo doesn’t have any fees in place when you make transactions. At least from its side. This makes it very appealing to most users.


  • Withdrawals are not instant: Due to the fact that there are stringent internal security protocols, you’re not going to get your withdrawals right away. However, this is good in terms of security. Usually, though, the payments will take no more than two hours. But, if Venmo feels there is an issue with the withdrawal, the process can last up to three days or more.
  • Some IN betting sites may charge fees: Generally, there are no fees from Venmo’s side of things. However, some sportsbooks in Indiana do charge fees. You will need to check this for yourself before signing up. We do list all the best Venmo betting sites in Indiana and provide information on whether or not there are fees in place.

Alternative payment options to Venmo on Indiana sportsbooks

While Venmo is convenient, the fact that many sportsbooks in Indiana still don’t accept this as a payment method is a bit of a downer. If your favorite sportsbook still isn’t accepting Venmo, then you’re going to need another payment option. Luckily, there are a number of excellent options out there for you. Some of these include:

  • Visa betting sites in Indiana: Possibly the most common option online, Visa is also the safest. It has stringent security protocols in place, which means your transactions are always safe. However, withdrawals can take up to five days, and there are occasionally fees attached.
  • Discover Card betting sites in Indiana: Operating just like other credit or debit cards, Discover Card is slowly becoming more popular online. It offers speedy transactions and good security. It’s just not as accessible or available as other card options.
  • PayNearMe betting sites in Indiana: A great option for those of you who don’t want to provide your banking details to the sportsbook. This is a cash-only payment option, so you need to go to the nearest vendor to make a payment. You can now access withdrawals via a 4-digit PIN that you can use at ATMs.
  • Play+ betting sites in Indiana: This works similarly to card payments, but instead, you have to top up the card as it’s a prepaid option. It’s a great workaround if your bank doesn’t allow direct payments to a betting site. Fund your Play+ card and you can make secure transactions right away. You will have to make a different Play+ card for each sportsbook you sign up to though.


How long does a deposit with Venmo take on an Indiana sportsbook?

Deposits are instant on Indiana sportsbooks when you add money to your account using Venmo. This is very convenient and makes Venmo one of the better payment options out there.

Are deposits instant with Venmo on IN betting sites?

Yes, deposits with Venmo are instant on IN betting sites. It can also be done in just a few clicks on your mobile app, which is incredibly convenient. You can do it on the go too, you don't have to be at home or using a desktop.

Do all sports betting sites accept Venmo in Indiana?

No, not all sports betting sites in Indiana accept Venmo. In fact, there are still very few sportsbooks offering this payment method in the state. One of the big ones is FanDuel. Keep checking back with us as we're constantly updating our list of the top Venmo betting sites in Indiana.