There are a growing number of sports betting sites in Indiana now that sports betting is fully legal. This means it’s more important than ever before to make sure you’re playing at the right site. One of the best ways to choose a site is by picking your preferred payment method.

PayNearMe is one such option and is hugely popular within the state. It allows you to stay a little bit more anonymous with your online transactions as it is a cash payment only. We’re going to look at all the things you need to know about PayNearMe betting sites in Indiana so that you can sign up to one quickly and easily.

An overview of PayNearMe

Despite sounding a little less convenient than other payment options, PayNearMe is very convenient. It’s a great option for players who don’t want to hand out their banking details to sportsbooks. And it does this by operating offline.

Essentially, this is a cash payment method that requires you to visit the nearest cashier location to you. This can be a 7-Eleven, Walgreens, Family Dollar store, or even a CVS Pharmacy. Until recently, you could only make deposits with this method, but PayNearMe is moving with the times, and now you can make withdrawals too.

How to deposit using PayNearMe at an IN betting site

For those of you who feel that PayNearMe betting apps in IN are the best option for you, then it’s time to get signed up. Here’s our convenient step-by-step guide to getting you up and running as fast as possible online.

  1. On our list, you can find a betting site that accepts PayNearMe in IN – We only list the very best PayNearMe betting sites in Indiana. This means you know they offer the best services and are fully licensed within the state.
  2. Sign up for an account at the sportsbook you´ve chosen – This means you will need to hit the register button and fill in all your details in the form. You’ll need to provide your name, DOB, email, address, SSN, and more to get the account open. Make sure you confirm that account, accept any terms and conditions, and verify it before you try to make a deposit.
  3. Go to the cashier – Once your account is active, log in and go to the banking section of the betting site.
  4. Select PayNearMe and enter the amount you wish to deposit – Type in the amount you want to deposit under the PayNearMe payment option.
  5. You will receive a slip – Print or save the slip on your cellphone so that you can show it to the cashier at your nearest PayNearMe vendor.
  6. You can take the slip to any PayNearMe vendor in your area – Head over to the PayNearMe vendor (7-Eleven, Walgreens, etc.) and give them the slip.
  7. You must give them the slip and pay for it – The cashier will take the slip and scan the code. You will then need to hand them the cash to pay for it. This will then get credited to your account as soon as the payment goes through.
  8. You will receive the money instantly in your betting account – With the cash in your account, you can now log in to your sportsbook account and start placing bets online.

How to make a withdrawal using PayNearMe at an IN betting site

Until recently, it wasn’t possible to make a withdrawal with PayNearMe. Happily, things have changed, and there is now the option to make withdrawals through this payment method. Here are the steps:

  1. On the Indiana sportsbook, you’ll find the cashier section – Log in to your sportsbook account and go to the banking section. Here you need to select PayNearMe as your withdrawal option.
  2. Make a withdrawal request – Once you have PayNearMe open, type in the amount of money you’d like to withdraw. Make sure these funds have matched any wagering requirements sent out by the online sportsbook. Otherwise, you won’t be able to claim the funds.
  3. A Pin4 code will be sent to you via text message – Once you confirm the withdrawal amount, you will get a 4-digit code sent to your cellphone. You will need to keep this code and head to an ATM.
  4. Cash can be obtained at the ATM – At the ATM, you will need to use this PIN in order to claim your winnings. You can then easily withdraw all of it as cash.

Advantages of PayNearMe on Indiana betting sites

There are a surprisingly large number of benefits when it comes to using PayNearMe gambling websites in Indiana. Take a look at the following points below:

  • Safe payment method: As you’re never actually providing anyone with banking details, this is a very secure payment method. You can only pay in person, and your ID will be checked every time. In order to withdraw, a PIN is sent to your phone, which means no one else can actually get their hands on your funds even if they get into your sportsbook account — they’ll need to have your phone too!
  • Instant deposits: Although you have to go to a physical venue when you pay the amount, it arrives in your sportsbook account instantly. If you have the mobile app of your sportsbook, you can even start placing bets right then and there in the store you just deposited in.
  • Easy to use: The transaction process is very straightforward, which is really great. There are only a few steps in the process, so you don’t have to worry about complex or convoluted procedures to deposit funds.
  • Available 24/7: As most 7-Elevens and CVC Pharmacies are open around the clock, it’s always possible to make a deposit. This means that you’re not restricted to specific times when you can play, which is great for all players.

Disadvantages of using PayNearMe on IN sportsbooks

As with everything, there are some downsides to this option. Some of these have been listed right here:

  • Only cash can be used: It is not possible to use card payments. When you make a deposit, you have to do so in cash. And you’re only going to receive cash at the other end too.
  • You need to go to a PayNearMe location: You can’t make a payment from home. Come rain or shine, if you want to deposit, you will have to leave your house and find the nearest PayNearMe location. It might not even be that close to you, meaning you’ll have to drive too.
  • There might be fees: Though low, there are usually fees in place with PayNearMe transactions. Per transaction, these can range from around $2 to as much as $6.

Other alternatives to PayNearMe on Indiana sportsbooks

If you want to find something a little more convenient than PayNearMe betting sites in Indiana, then there are a number of other payment methods you can use. Here are some of our top choices:

  • Visa betting sites in IN: Highly secure and with an excellent reputation, Visa is available at most sportsbooks in Indiana. It offers easy transactions for both deposits and withdrawals, and there are no fees. Withdrawals can take up to 5 days, though.
  • MasterCard betting sites in IN: Similar to Visa, this is a globally renowned brand. It has high levels of security and strong transaction protocols in place. It’s great for deposits but isn’t always available as a withdrawal option from a lot of online sportsbooks.
  • Play+ betting sites in IN: If you have trouble with using credit card options or your bank doesn’t allow transactions to sportsbooks, this is the option for you. It works like a card but is prepaid and can be funded from your bank. You will need to make separate Play+ cards for each sportsbook, though.
  • Venmo betting sites in IN: This started as a social payment app between friends but recently branched out into online transactions. It’s secure, swift, and easy to use. But not that many sportsbooks offer it as an option just yet.
  • Discover Card betting sites in IN: Not as popular as Visa or MasterCard, Discover Card nevertheless works in the same way. It’s a great card payment option that offers high levels of security when making a payment online. However, it’s not widely available just yet on sportsbooks.


Do all sportsbooks in IN accept PayNearMe?

No, not all sportsbooks in Indiana have PayNearMe as a payment method. Each sportsbook is different, so you will need to check out the payment methods offered individually. Or, you can check out our top list of PayNearMe betting sites in Indiana.

Are there any fees associated when using PayNearMe at IN betting sites?

Yes, there are small fees attached to using PayNearMe betting sites in Indiana. These fees are minimal but are generally from $1.99 to $5.99 for each transaction you make, which is lower than some other payment methods.

How long does a withdrawal using PayNearMe take on Indiana sportsbooks?

Up to two days is the length of time for a withdrawal with PayNearMe betting sites in Indiana. This is because sportsbooks have pending periods in place, and this takes time. Once that is up, you can head to an ATM to make the withdrawal in person, which is also a little time-consuming.