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Since Indiana has legalized online sports betting, the online gaming industry has only continued to grow. But, with this growth comes more competition between the different sportsbooks. This comes out in favor of the players as it means many different bonuses to choose from.

In order to stand out, sportsbooks offer a wide variety of different promotions and offer to encourage players to sign up. One of these is the match deposit bonus. We’re going to take a look at what this is and how you can claim it. Read on to find out all about the deposit match bonus in Indiana.

How does a deposit match bonus work on Indiana sportsbooks?

The way a deposit match bonus in Indiana works is very simple. In order to claim the bonus in IN, you must make a qualifying deposit. Now, depending on the sportsbook, the size of this deposit will vary.

All sportsbooks will have a minimum deposit requirement. This is often around $20 or so. There are also upper limits to be aware of as well. Depending on the betting site, these can be as little as $200 or as much as $1000.

The amount of money that is matched by the sportsbook also varies. Usually, these types of match deposit bonuses are at 100%. This means that you can double your money and play with a bigger bankroll right from the outset. Some sites will offer smaller matches of 50%, while others can be as much as 400%.

However, it’s always a good idea to check the match deposit bonus carefully, because some might not be as good as they seem. For instance, a 100% match deposit bonus of up to $400 will give you $800 to play with if you deposit the maximum. In contrast, a 400% match deposit bonus of up to $50 will only give you $200 to play with if you deposit the maximum.

How do I claim a deposit match bonus at Indiana betting sites?

Now that you have the basics of what this bonus can do for you, you should get to grips with how you can actually claim it. In the following steps, we outline how you can get your hands on a deposit match bonus in Indiana quickly and easily.

  1. Make your choice from the list above of deposit match bonuses. We list only the very best match deposit bonus sportsbooks in IN. This means you can rest assured that the site you’re playing at is fair. Additionally, we check each match deposit bonus offer available to ensure you’re getting a good offer without harsh wagering requirements.
  2. Join the Indiana betting site by creating an account. Once you have selected the sportsbook you’re going to play at, you will need to sign up. Simply clicking the register button will take you directly to the form you need to fill out. This includes providing your name, DOB, address, email, and SSN. You then need to confirm and verify these details before your account can be activated.
  3. Claim your bonus by choosing a payment method. With your account up and running, head over to the site’s banking or cashier section. You will need to choose your preferred payment method. Input all the details required to make a transfer, and then type in the amount you want to deposit. Make sure this amount is within the required deposit limits so that you can claim the match deposit bonus.
  4. Your money will be matched, and you can start playing immediately. When your deposit clears with the IN casino, usually within a few minutes, the deposit will be matched. However, the match credit may not be added to your account immediately. If it doesn’t appear within an hour, you should get in touch with customer support.

Indiana betting sites where you can get a deposit match bonus

Those of you in Indiana are lucky, as there are a number of top-quality sportsbooks available for you to enjoy. To give you a leg up in the industry, here are some of the top sportsbooks we recommend when taking on the deposit match bonus in Indiana.

  • BetRivers Indiana: Offering one of the bigger match deposit bonuses in Indiana, BetRivers is really staking a claim to the Indiana market. The site also stands out for its relatively low wagering requirements making this a popular option. It’s also got a great range of different sporting events available. Notably, it’s got great live bets and a good cash-out option. If that wasn’t enough, you can also play on desktop, iOS, and Android.
  • FanDuel Indiana: Originally a fantasy sportsbook only, with the legalization of online gambling, FanDuel swiftly moved with the times. This IN betting app offers a massive risk-free first bet and many other exciting match deposit offers. The sportsbook has one of the widest market coverages out there and offers a great selection of different bet types. Thanks to the excellent app, you can access the site wherever you are in the state.
  • PointsBet Indiana: Not only are there some great match deposit bonuses, but a couple of second-chance free bets are on offer too. The real stand out for this site is the points betting system that’s in place. Unique to PointsBet, this system gives you a high-risk, high-reward platform that can’t be found elsewhere. The sportsbook also has a large number of different sports available, as well as a great selection of bet types. You can play on the go or comfortably at home in Indiana through the app, mobile browser site, or desktop platform.
  • BetMGM Indiana: Hugely popular in many other states, BetMGM stands out for its excellent bonuses. Many great offers are available here, including match deposit offers, free bets, and more. But where it really shines is the sportsbook itself. Hundreds of sports betting markets are available across more than 20 sports. The betting site doesn’t stop there, though. It also offers a stellar gaming platform that’s accessible on desktop and iOS and Android apps.

Why you should claim a deposit match bonus at an Indiana sportsbook

Surprisingly, many players do not take on a match deposit bonus on Indiana gambling sites. Of course, there is always the worry that you will risk your own money to claim the offer. But the pros far outweigh the cons here, so we’ve outlined some of the biggest advantages when it comes to using this bonus:

  • You get more money to play with: These bonuses are among the most generous. Yes, you have to put in some of your funds, but that money is going to get doubled. This gives you a much larger bankroll to start with and can give you the edge when betting online.
  • Get a chance to explore more games: By using this larger bankroll, it’s possible actually to play more games or place more sports bets. You don’t have to be quite so picky either and can choose to place bets you might not otherwise have chosen.
  • More time to play: If you’re careful, this larger bankroll will last you a lot longer too. You can spend more time playing, even if you keep losing. Additionally, if you spend longer playing, you also have a better chance of winning.
  • Take risks: It’s also possible to take more risks when playing. You can opt to place bets on events you would have avoided. Or you can experiment with placing larger bets or bets on serious underdogs.


Can I get a deposit match bonus at all IN betting sites?

No, you cannot get a deposit match bonus at all betting sites in Indiana. Sportsbooks offer various bonuses, so you will need to shop around. That being said, the deposit match bonus in Indiana is one of the more popular options, so you will find it available at many different sportsbooks.

Is it possible to claim a deposit match bonus as an existing player at IN sportsbooks?

Yes, an existing player at Indiana sportsbooks can claim a deposit match bonus. And this is because deposit match bonuses aren't just restricted to welcome offers. A number of sportsbooks also offer deposit match bonuses as part of their reload offers to existing customers.

Do all deposit match bonuses always come with wagering requirements?

Yes, all deposit match bonuses do come with wagering requirements. This is to stop players from claiming a bonus and withdrawing all the money. However, not all sportsbooks will have the same wagering requirements in place — some will have higher or lower requirements than others.