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Since online sportsbooks are pushing the approach of offering easy and convenient ways to deposit and withdraw funds, prepaid cards are becoming increasingly popular in the sports betting industry. This payment method is convenient and easy to use, making it preferable for punters.

In this article, we’ll be looking at prepaid card betting sites in Indiana. We’ll discuss prepaid cards, how their deposits and withdrawals work, the pros and cons of using prepaid cards, and more. Read on.

What is a prepaid card?

A prepaid card is a stored-value card that has monetary value to it. Like a gift card, you can spend whatever amount of money is on the card until it runs out. Once the balance is used up, you will add more money if it’s a reloadable card or purchase another one. It differs from traditional credit and debit cards as it is not linked to a bank. The monetary value is stored on the card, not in an external account of financial service.

To use a prepaid card on a betting site, you’ll have first to visit one of the partner stores to purchase one. This can include a grocery store, gas station, or a specific place selling them. Once there, you’ll define the value you’re looking to purchase. Prepaid cards usually come in small denominations; however, these different amounts can be bought using cash or another means of payment. After purchasing the card, you can use its details to fund your betting account.

There’s also the option to purchase a virtual prepaid card. By simply visiting the payment solution’s website, you can register for one and make an online payment to complete the process. It’s worth noting that you may need to verify your personal details by providing additional documents. Afterward, you’ll receive a code for your card to fund your betting account.

Making a deposit using a prepaid card at an Indiana betting site

Prepaid card deposits are always easy to make as they are straightforward. Here’s how you can fund your betting account in five simple steps.

  1. Find a sportsbook that accepts prepaid cards in Indiana – Every sportsbook in IN will differ in its payment options for deposits and withdrawals. For this reason, it’s important that you first check that a betting site accepts prepaid cards before opening an account.
  2. Sign up for an account – Indiana will offer you a number of options to choose from when it comes to its betting sites that accept prepaid cards. Choose one based on features and selections that appeal to you the most, and then register for an account after making your final decision. By following the on-screen instructions, each step will guide you on what information is necessary to provide. Only a few personal details will be required, including your name, surname, email address, physical address, and mobile number. After completing the registration process, go through a verification process in which you will need to confirm your details.
  3. Make a deposit using a prepaid card – When the sportsbook approves your registration, you’ll have an active betting account to which you can sign in. To place real money bets, you will need to fund the account. Therefore, go to the cashier section and choose “Deposit” to access the deposit page. A list of deposit options will be presented to you. Among the payment methods, choose the prepaid card option.
  4. Make your deposit by entering the amount – Provide the prepaid card’s details. After successfully linking the card to your Indiana gambling account, enter the amount with which you would like to fund the account. Remember that this amount shouldn’t exceed the balance on the prepaid card. But it should be above the sportsbook’s minimum deposit amount.
  5. After the payment has been confirmed, you can begin betting – Once the sportsbook approves the payment, the balance on your betting account should reflect the amount you’ve deposited. With funds now in your bankroll, visit the sports library and start placing bets on your favorite markets.

Is it possible to withdraw money from Indiana sportsbooks using prepaid cards?

No. Bettors in Indiana don’t have the option to withdraw money from betting sites using a prepaid card as it is not connected to a bank account. Therefore, it’s advisable that you consider exploring alternative payment options when you’re ready to withdraw your winnings.

Pros of using prepaid cards at IN betting sites

A prepaid card isn’t the most conventional way of making online payments. But like most payment options available on betting apps in Indiana, they offer several advantages. The most obvious advantage is that it’s ideal for bettors who aren’t comfortable sharing their banking details with third parties. Besides that, here are four additional perks worth highlighting:


  • Instant deposits: Prepaid cards offer instant deposits. Immediately after confirming the transaction, your chosen sportsbook will credit your bankroll in a matter of seconds.
  • Most IN sportsbooks accepts Prepaid card: Like Mastercard and VISA, prepaid cards have a high acceptance rate on betting sites in Indiana. In fact, some sportsbooks go as far as launching their own branded prepaid cards for added convenience.
  • Easy to use: Prepaid cards are simple to use, even for first-time users. Whether you’re purchasing the prepaid card or recording the card’s details for a deposit, each process is straightforward and quick to follow.
  • Many different types of Prepaid cards: Prepaid cards come in various types. This means you can choose one that best suits your needs and preferences since each type of prepaid card caters to different bettors.

Are there any disadvantages of prepaid card betting sites in Indiana?

Yes, there are some disadvantages that come with using prepaid cards on IN sports betting. But the payment option will always offer advantages that outweigh the disadvantages. Here are two main drawbacks worth noting:

  • You can’t make a withdrawal with a Prepaid card: Prepaid cards are speedy, secure, and convenient. However, these advantages only apply to their deposits since you can’t use them as a withdrawal method. This means that bettors will have to go through the inconvenience of needing to use an alternative option to withdraw their winnings.
  • Not widely accepted: Even though Prepaid cards are accepted by most betting sites in Indiana, some don’t. Thus, you may not find it in some sportsbooks. But this is rare.

Common types of prepaid cards on sportsbooks in Indiana

Prepaid cards offer different types of options that you can use on various betting sites. As a bettor, it’s in your best interests to look into each type of prepaid card to find one that best suits you and your betting needs. However, they are not that different as they have a stored monetary value that can be used to make purchases and can be withdrawn at an ATM, except for one type. Let’s look at four common types of prepaid cards that you can use on sportsbooks in Indiana.

  • Reloadable Prepaid cards: With these cards, you can top the balance once the funds are used up. It’s a popular option among many bettors and is ideal for those who enjoy placing bets regularly.
  • Voucher Prepaid cards: If you constantly switch between cash and online betting, this option is ideal for you. You can simply purchase a voucher for a specific amount of money, scratch the card to view the code, and enter this unique number on your betting account to fund it.
  • Virtual Prepaid cards: You don’t need to visit a convenience store when you’re using a virtual prepaid card. Here, you’ll be able to carry out all your transactions online on the respective company’s website.
  • Gift cards: With this type of prepaid card, you can only use the funds to place bets. You can’t withdraw the monetary value at ATMs as you would with the other types.


How long does a deposit with a prepaid card in Indiana take?

Prepaid card deposits in Indiana are instant. Thus, bettors don't have to wait for longer to begin placing their bets. Always check the sportsbook's banking page for more information to verify this. You can also contact the site's customer support channels if a banking page isn't available.

Do all IN sportsbooks accept prepaid cards as a payment method?

No. Not all sportsbooks in Indiana will accept prepaid cards as a payment option. Prepaid cards betting sites are popular in Indiana; however, every operator will differ in this regard. So, confirming that the sportsbook offers the payment option sooner is always in your best interests.

Is a prepaid card in Indiana safe to use?

Yes, prepaid cards are safe to use in Indiana, especially if you intend to use them to fund your betting account. With this payment method, you don't need to disclose any of your banking or financial details to third parties, including the betting site itself. This makes prepaid cards private and secure to use.