There are a growing number of betting sites in Indiana thanks to the legalization of online sports betting. This means that there are plenty of choices. But, with so much choice, it can be a bit hard to determine which sportsbook to play at. One of the key factors you should consider is the payment method you prefer.

Play+ is one of the top options and is available at a large number of Indiana sportsbooks. In this article, we’re going to take a look at Play+ betting sites in Indiana to see what this payment method can offer you.

What is Play+?

Often written as PlayPlus, this payment method is a prepaid card that allows you to make online transactions in a similar way to Visa and MasterCard. The difference is that it works like a debit card and has to be funded before you can use it.

You will also need to sign up with Play+ to make an account before you can actually start using it. However, you can also get a physical card too, which means that you can use it at ATMs and even use it in shops as a card too. To get the card, you will have to have made a first deposit using this payment method. This then activates the physical card, which will then get sent to you within two weeks.

Use Play+ to make a deposit at Indiana sportsbooks

If you feel that Play+ is the payment option for your online sports betting in IN, then you will need to get a Play+ account. To do this, you will need to go to the main Play+ page and sign up. It’s free and quick to do, just make sure you’re providing the same name and details as those you give the sportsbook later on. Once your PlayPlus account is in place, you can get started online by following these simple steps:

  1. Choose a sportsbook that accepts Play+ payments in Indiana. We have a list of all the top Play+ betting apps in Indiana. This list doesn’t just focus on whether Play+ is offered but also covers the features available as well as whether the site is licensed and safe for you to use. We only recommend playing at licensed sites within the state, so pick from our list here.
  2. Go to the website of the sportsbook. Head to the website of our chosen sportsbook or download their app to your device. You will then need to make an account, which you can do on any platform offered by the sportsbook you have chosen.
  3. Create an account. Click on the register or sign up button and you’ll be taken to the registration form. Fill this out by providing all the important information such as your name, DOB, SSN, email, and so on. Confirm and verify your account to complete the activation process.
  4. At the cashier, select Play+ as a deposit method. Once your account is activated, go to the banking section and choose Play+ to make a deposit. Select the amount you wish to place as a deposit making sure it’s available in your Play+ account.
  5. Fill out the Play+ information to start playing. You will need to submit the details on your Play+ card just like you would with a normal debit or credit card. Then, click confirm, and the deposit will occur instantly.

Withdrawing from an Indiana sportsbook using Play+

Play+ is one of a growing number of payment options that can also be used to make a withdrawal. Like depositing, withdrawing with Play+ is simple and secure. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Go to the cashier section of your Indiana sportsbook. Log in to your sportsbook account and go to the banking section.
  2. Choose Play+ for withdrawals. Click on Play+ in the withdrawal section and follow the steps.
  3. Make a withdrawal by entering the desired amount. Ensure the amount you requested to withdraw matches any wagering requirements the sportsbook has in place. If you have not met these requirements, you will not be able to make the withdrawal request, and the money will stay in the account.
  4. You can withdraw money from Play+ and take it to your bank or ATM using your Play+ card. Once you have your winnings, you can either keep the money in your Play+ card account or use it as a debit card at places that accept Discover. Alternatively, you can make a transfer to your bank account and access the funds that way.

Reasons to use Play+ at IN betting sites

Play+ is a hugely convenient payment option. Here are some of the best reasons to use Play+ betting sites in Indiana:

  • Safe payment method: It offers the same high-security levels as a regular debit or credit card. And this is because you need to input the long card number and additional details in order to make a payment. It’s great if you are having problems depositing with your bank’s debit or credit card – a problem that commonly occurs with banks that don’t permit transactions to online betting sites.
  • Easy to use: There is a very gentle learning curve here as it works like a standard debit or credit card. This means that most players will be up and running in no time at all.
  • No to low fees: While these fees are low, they can vary, which does make it a little complex to keep up with what they are. Different Play+ betting sites in Indiana also have different policies on Play+ withdrawals, so you will need to check this for yourself. However, Play+ does not have any fees for making an account or using their card for transactions. It’s always on the sportsbook’s side that these fees can pop up. Some of the fees to be aware of are inactivity fees that can occur if you don’t use the card for over a year, as well as potential ATM fees when you make a withdrawal with your Play+ card.
  • Instant deposits: Once you have gone through the steps, and provided you have topped up your card properly, deposits are instant. Better yet, you can actually enroll and complete a first deposit all within minutes making this incredibly simple to use. It’s not quite as fast as depositing with your debit or credit card, but it becomes faster after that first deposit. On top of that, this payment method offers super fast withdrawals, which is different from other card payments.

Other options to Play+ on Indiana sportsbooks

While Play+ is an excellent option, it’s not for everyone. For those of you who are looking for an alternative option, here are some of the best available at IN sportsbooks:

  • Venmo sportsbooks in IN: This payment started life as a friend and family payment option. Recently, it has branched out to include online payments at stores and betting sites. It’s highly convenient, allowing you to make transactions via an app. However, it’s still not widely available as yet.
  • MasterCard sportsbooks in IN: With its towering reputation in terms of online payment security, MasterCard is the ideal go-to. It offers speedy transactions and a high maximum deposit limit. However, it’s not always offered when it comes to withdrawals, and some banks don’t authorize transactions directly to sportsbooks.
  • Discover Card sportsbooks in IN: Though less well-known when compared to MasterCard, Discover is slowly becoming more and more popular. It works in the same way and offers similarly high levels of security. But it’s not often available at sportsbooks in IN just yet.
  • American Express sportsbooks in IN: Amex is one of the most commonly held cards in the US. However, it’s not been used at online sportsbooks much, as the company doesn’t always allow payments to betting sites.
  • Neteller sportsbooks in IN: This payment method is perfect for those of you looking for speedy payouts. As an eWallet, withdrawals are instant so you can get your winnings immediately. There are transaction fees in place, though, and your winnings go to your Neteller account, not your bank.


Are deposits instant at IN sportsbook with Play+?

Yes, deposits are instant when you use Play+. It works in a similar way to a debit card which means as soon as you confirm the transaction on the sportsbook site, the money is in your account ready to use.

Can I withdraw using Play+ at Indiana betting sites?

Yes, you can use Play+ to withdraw your winnings from IN betting sites. Better still, you can actually enjoy instant withdrawals too, which makes this payment method one of the more popular options out there.

Is Play+ safe to use at IN betting sites?

Yes, it is safe to use Play+ betting sites in Indiana. The payment method itself has a number of security protocols in place to protect your transactions. However, for full security, you should only play at licensed Play+ betting sites in Indiana and you can find our full list here.